miercuri, 31 decembrie 2008

Vote my little sister!!!


My little sister Mary...Tedy Juice Contest based on a funny holiday story!;)

vineri, 26 decembrie 2008

My Feeling at this Hour my Song for So Long...

Lucie Silvas- Breathe in... a song a like for some years now...i used to hear it at my radio where i worked during the last years of college.And from some half a year i listen it thanks to my baby Lucy! She's the reason i BREATHE in Life...

Lucie Silvas Lyrics
Breathe In Lyrics

marți, 23 decembrie 2008

Happy Holidays 2 U ALL!!!

Finally the end of the year is close, time runs fast, winter came light this year in my home town, but today, the day before X-mas Eve, started snowing, beautiful (besides i hate cold,winter and snow) just i adore watching it not feeling it:P
People go nuts on holidays, everybody knows somebody or if not that somebody knows other somebody that goes X-mas shopping in the last minute, and then its crowded, suffocating, a lot of craziness, more and more the world loses the real spirit of this holiday, we forget about us, we go wild, somehow,...maybe,...i hope we should try to be better at least this time of the year!

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PS: i am happy about this kinda holidays that i eat a lot of sweets and i'm home with my family, i like lights that go around the house, i like seeing my little sister happy about Santa Claus and many other but mostly i hate being lonely!

luni, 15 decembrie 2008

English Class-My kindergarden Lessons kids.Jingle Bells part

English Lessons....class...kindergarden kids...I'm the teacher...exercising 'Jingle Bells' song...cuz the X-mas is Near!:X

Burger Test...4 those who don't know what is...?!

An experiment I say McDonald's Big Mac vs.Burger King's Whopper burgers given to some peasants from around the world where they never heard of this kinda food!!! (in Romania as well!)...

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