duminică, 9 martie 2008

Night By Night...Surfin' the Net

Night by Night...If not out with my friends...having fun...home at the PC surfing the web, messaging, losing time...not precious but still losing it for a good cause, for the sake of Technology, Information, Culture...i don't know i just love it!!! so love me,like me,hate me...no matter...read this 'Time after time...nothing goes back!' Just take things for what they are and learn from them!
At this moment...when i write this i am a little sad...some person i used to care of let me down...doesn't matter after all it's never to late to understand people or what they are made of, everybody has its own somebody...:(
This person that i dedicate this text tonight was important till some days ago when i really understood what was between us...it took me a couple of years to make our story and 2 days to end it all..why? even i don't know the answer!But now I'm 'sadly' (4u) glad and cured, people change and people go...there is (are) others after all!

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