luni, 24 noiembrie 2008

Goin Blond 4 a While!

So this is a i don't have time like others keepin' it up 2 once in a while i lose my self writing here non-sense things...i have 2 clear my mind somehow:P
Yep, i dyed my hair 4 some time i w8t 2 grow...and get back 2 may natural one...(my baby loves me anyway):X
So...what did i do in the meanwhile?...Well?! working...not's like I've been on holidays since i started it...i have plenty of time on my own,i get bored a lot, I'm glad i have my fiancee 2 love me and love her...and that's how i lose my have big plans 4 the future...hope...i won't blow it:P cuz she's my all!:D
I'll write here some shit cuz i know no one never read or will read blog is like none-existent!:))
I won't's like a Diary or Journal ;) it's good 2 relief ur self sometimes putting ur thoughts on a piece of paper or piece of net blog:P
NO i'm not a blogger...used 2 b a letting that go more and more...cuz gives me more pain and head ache ...friends r not like used 2 be....the thing is that the net helps u see who is who...but it hurts...cuz u had different things in mind...virtual life sucks...i used 2 think the opposite and lock my self alone in the Second Life 2 world an make my own didn't last...cuz u become a no one in no time...not there, there u'll be a mogul who plays that cured about those craps
now my drug is love...and this time i really got it...i'm very sure about life depends on this...hope come backwards...i mean the feelings ....nvr mind...i'm 90% sure that my baby loves me...the other 10% i don't know there can't be 100%...and she must have some backup i don't know...10%family & friends...maybe...Fuck, i cannot comment about this here....neah....i'm stupid and lazy cuz i don't want 2 delete all this...i invested thoughts and feelings here...and when i'm upset i come here 2 see if im miserable than this or better:P it changes my mood....ppl should try it:D

so...even if u don't here me now or u might never read this (hope so:P) u know i love u baby:X

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