luni, 27 iulie 2009

meSSage 4 the HATERS:D

hey EVERYBODY,LONG TIME NO SEE,just writing in my journal!i love it,now i get it,the more i live i feel!
and 4 tHe BITCHES!DIEEEEE!!!u know who U/They R!but than again THANK U,u made US what we R 2day, BETTER THAN U!!!!!:))
SO STAND there with that grim on UR fucked up face,swallow ur Phlegm and b insulted by life cuz u never Knew what to ask 4 it! U HAD IT ALL and U BLEW IT:))
its mY time 2 triumph...SO ... BYE BITCHES, HELLO LOVE,FAMILY & SINCERE FRIENDS!that's what matters:) PPL learn from the past,learn from mistakes,everythin happens 4 a reason! u go through hell 2 get to HEAVEN! i love my precious one,i 'm glad i found her,i don't need a slut,i need a future,a person to rely on in everything,to take care of me as i do back...ppl start FEELIN, LIVIN, ANALISE the past...Time is generous givin it all back what took from u in the past...more than u think! THINK POSITIVE! luv u all!b loved! MOSTLY my love,SASHA...kiss:*luvýa!

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